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Steady Fishing Rough Weather

Hello there from the "Creek"! Although the weather has been a rollercoaster of pop up storms and gully washing rains, we have still managed to get out on some consistent fishing this past week. The bluegill seem to be most effected by the weather. the fish were still in the area but we found the bite to be very fickle during the frontal passages. The crappie bite was more consistent and we were able to catch good numbers in between slow periods during the day. We caught our crappie casting jigs to brush piles in 10-18' of water and slow rolling them back to the boat. Slow has been the key to the presentation. The Jenko Trick stick and 1/16 oz warheads have been critical to this approach also. Using a tickle fry body with the subtle action in the paddle tail has been killer to get finicky fish to bite. As always thanks for giving this report a read! Stay safe on the water and tight lines!

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