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Mid August Report

I had a hard time sitting down to write this report. The fishing for this angler has been very up and down. we have had some weather blow through, and I'm not sure if that effected the bite or if we are starting to see the lake turn over a bit. I've been seeing some signs as we usually do late in the summer. With that being said I've still been able to manage decent numbers in half days. The Early bite has been better from what I've seen. The water levels have dropped enough this past two weeks that my bluegill have finally dried up. I have found some good groups of white and yellow bass out on some ledges and will be pursuing more of that as these upcoming weeks go by. I have been finding my crappie in 14-20' of water in brush. There have been good numbers in most of the piles, although you may have to look at several before finding an area holding fish. I'm hoping we have some cooler weather on the horizon and will see fish transition into a fall pattern soon.

Thanks for the read!

Captain Josh


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