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Hard winters equal good spring fishing!

I finally had a day to get out and test the waters so to speak on the crappie bite. I fished the south end of Kentucky lake for a few hours on Monday. The bite was surprisingly good for the recent weather events that we have faced the past few weeks. Seems as though the warmer weather and dirty water have the fish charged up and ready to bite. The fish were fairly scattered through brush in 12-18' of water, and although the water was very muddy they bit well on jigs fished vertically or pitched to them from a short distance. They were not spooky as I had seen last fall. there was about 6" of visibility which didn't seem to stop them from biting fairly natural colored baits. I fished a dirty milk Jenko paddle fry on a 1/8 oz pink jig head most of the day. spent much of my time scouting areas and found the same was true in most places. As always the hunt for a group of fish in an area is time well spent before you start fishing. I also saw fish in open water, and caught many different classes of fish from 4" to 2lbs. I believe this bodes well for the upcoming year or two having several different year classes of fish. Remember I do some teaching on how to find and pattern fish as well as Livescoping for those who are interested. I still have a few spring dates open if you need a day on the water.

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