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Great Catches this Week!

This week has been a back and forth for me as far as species goes. I did a couple trips for some folks who wanted to learn more about the crappie and bluegill fishing on the lakes. We managed good catches in both arenas. I have continued to find bluegill beds with some scattered red ear. New beds seem to pop up every time I go. the depth of water varies from inches to about 10'. I am still catching good sizes and numbers as we sing into the summer months. I also got back to doing a little crappie fishing also. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they were biting. On one particular trip we managed 19 in about 3 hours, and the next trip we had a double limit in about 6 hours. This had seen in a while. I found the fish on structure in 10-17' of water. while they were still scattered the fish we found bit readily. We casted jigs to the brushpiles and used a steady retrieve. The jigs we were using were Jenko slasher headsin 1/16 oz, and dirty milk tickle fry baits. and that is your fishing report from Sugar Creek!

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