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Bluegill season is in full swing!

Its been a while since my last update. We have seen the Crappie spawn come and go, and now I am hearing that there are some decent catches being caught trolling crankbaits. Typical for this time of year as they move to open water from the spawning flats. Soon they will be in summer haunts and maybe a little more consistent than they have been this spring. I haven't had the chance to look for any lately I have been chasing my favorite panfish for the past couple weeks, bluegill and red ear. The bite has been about as consistent as one would expect with the fluctuation of the weather. started off strong and then a good cool down slowed them up a bit. Last week I saw more beds being made and more fish around the areas that I like for them to be in. However the bite has been very strange for what you would expect bluegill fishing to be. Slow and patient has been the key to catching a few. I believe that the upcoming week will have them more open to bite like they normally should. I have found when they are constructing nests and dropping eggs the bite can slow up a bit. Now with that being said I would also like to speak on selective harvest and managing fish for the future. We have a tendency to believe that bluegill are immune to over fishing. I can vouch from what I have seen over the past 10 years that that is not true. I have many areas where I had beds in the past that are either no longer holding bedding fish or the beds are much smaller. My belief is that over the years, the over harvest of the largest males off of these beds has had an effect on populations and over all size. As we have gotten more efficient at locating and catching these fish it is also our responsibility to take care of the resource. I try not to keep anymore than 10 or so off of any bed, and fish enough beds that I am not affecting any one "family" of fish. I know its difficult to leave a hot bed to find another, but I also believe its our responsibility to ensure that we leave enough for our future anglers for years to come. Just some food for thought. I have found fish in anywhere from 10" to 6' of water. Mostly around some form of vegetation or wood in pockets. I look for this bite to continue for a few more weeks. I will also be doing some traveling trips to Old Hickory if anyone is interested in doing a little fishing down around Gallatin/Nashville area. I have several dates in June open as of right now. Thanks for reading!

Capt. Josh Lovett

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