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Another good week at the "Creek"

Hey fishing friends, the weather is hot and so is the fishing!. I had the chance to chase my favorite two panfish around for a few days this week and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcomes. We caught good numbers of both! crappie and the bluegill are biting readily. We caught our crappie casting Jenko tickle fry baits on 1/16 oz heads to brush in 10-17' of water. Keeping a good distance from the pile has been essential as the fish have seemed quite spooky. I expect this bite will continue for a good while as the weather is staying fairly stable. I am starting to notice a thermocline in the bays. Remember you wont find fish below the thermocline. I am not sure how much longer the bluegill bite will hold out. I am hoping for at least another week of it. There still seems to be a good group milling around. As always stay safe out there on the water, the traffic is definitely at peak season, so always be on the lookout for other boaters and jet skis. I have some dates left this month so give me a call if you want to get out for a fun filled day!

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