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It's been quite a while since I've made a fishing report. With the travel bans and social distancing I have had to cancel most of my spring trips. The fishing was good, and I have had some really big crappie days. We are seeing really good weights compared to the last few years on Kentucky and Barkley lakes! I have had several days where my best 7 fish would weigh close to 14 lbs. A lot of two pound plus fish swimming around in the lakes this year. The spawn is still dragging on with unstable weather and water it seems to have lasted forever this year! Water temps had finally started to come up this last week and a few bluegill and red ear are showing up in the shallows. We have a hard cold front coming up this week and I'm sure that will slow them down coming into next week. I look for beds to start showing up in a week or two and hope to see a few more than what we did last year.

Now down to the business. We are starting to see some of the restrictions lifted here in Kentucky. With that said we are going to get back to taking trips with some stipulations. We are still being required to practice social distancing, so, I am not going to offer pontoon party trips as I have in the past. My trips I am limiting to two people at the maximum. I will run a special on one person trips. I am starting back to fishing on May 15, and dates are filling up for clients I am rescheduling. Also if you have been sick or running a fever 14 days before a scheduled trip I ask that we reschedule. I want to get everyone out to have a good time and stay as safe as possible while doing so. As always if you are headed to the area to fish feel free to give me a call for a day to day fishing report. Thank you guys and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Capt. Josh Lovett

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