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Crappie on Fire

        What a week it has been crappie fans!  I started the week pre-fishing for the Twin Lakes Crappie Club Classic.  Fishing was about what I expected, about 15 keepers a day and a few really nice fish.  Saturday was a different story.  Although I never found a good fish, I absolutely wrecked the keeper fish.  In about 5 hours of fishing I caught 45+ keepers and a total of 60-70 fish.  I was not upset at all at the results on the day, my weight was light but my cooler was full.  The other guys in the tournament faired really well weight wise, with 13.51 taking first!  Second and third being 12.19 and 11.96 and a big fish at 2.63 lbs, I can tell you the lake is healthy and the fish are out there to be caught!  Fishing in some areas has been tough, but if you're willing to look for them you can manage some really nice catches.  I'm excited to see how the lake is turning around from the past couple years.

      I am also very excited to see the amount of small bass on the lake.  I believe we had a great spawn this year and maybe last year too.  It won't be long til we see the numbers of keepers that we used to see.  Being an old bass fisherman i can't wait til the catch rates are back to where they should be!  I hope to do some more bass fishing this winter, and should have some more updates in the weeks to come!

     The weather over the next week I believe will pose a challenge for us on the lakes, as we are to see a hard cold front come through.  The fish are in a winter pattern and I wouldn't expect them to change.  I had caught my fish in 15-17' of water on jigs tipped with minnows and straight jigs.  Water temps were in the high 40's to low 50's with the warmer water being towards the mouths of the creeks.  Water level was hovering around 355' with a lot of current on the main lake.

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