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Bait is Back!

It has been a pretty good two weeks here at the Creek! I haven't seen big numbers but have been catching some really good sized crappies. The fish are looking much healthier then they have in the past two years and, we have more bait than I've seen in a long time. The crappie population seems to be scattered a bit from the reports that I'm hearing. Personally this is my favorite time of year to get out and crappie fish. I have also been catching a lot of big bluegill mixed in with the crappie. Bass fishing remains slow, and the size of the fish that I have been catching is lacking. Although we have had some fun with willing biters on topwaters and spinnerbaits.

The appearance of the bait has me really excited for the upcoming years. I am hoping that some of the undersized and malnourished fish we have been seeing the past two years can start to feed well and grow to be keeper size fish for the upcoming spring. If this is the case we should see the good numbers come back next year.

Also I would like to remind anyone going out or coming down to take a trip to dress accordingly. Make sure you layer properly and always dress warmer than you believe you will need too. Although the temperature may be comfortable on the bank, the water is a different animal. Always have rain gear ready and make sure you wear your PDF. Extra clothing will present more of a challenge if you wind up on the outside of the boat!

Crappie: I have found most of my crappie on brush or other structure from 11' - 25' of water. we have had good luck single poling jigs and small plastics. Moving around a lot has been the key. We will pick up a couple of fish out of each brush pile then it is time to go to the next one. Our best bait and color has been spud in the Jenko Baby Fry with a 1/16 pink Slasher head. I have also caught a few on a 1/4 oz jig head and the new Fringe Fry in Pepper dew. From the looks of my electronics scanning shallower water the fish do not seem to be holding as tight to brush, and spider rigging open water could produce also.

Bluegill: I have caught bluegill everywhere! There are good groups on brushpiles in deep water and around marina docks. Most of what I have caught has been on crappie jigs, I would imagine someone could have a great time with a box of redworms or wax worms. It would be a great time to fill a cooler with these good eating fish!

Bass: The bass that we have caught have been on shallow points and in the backs of the bays. Most productive lures have been topwaters and spinnerbaits. More subtle colors seem to be producing the best. We have thrown whopper ploppers and walking baits. The spinnerbait that we have been using is a double willow in 3/8 shad color or blue glimmer have produced the best.

This is the Sugar Creek fishing report for this week! I still have some late fall dates open, and if you are interested you should definitely check out our package deals with Lynnhurst Family Resort. It is a great value and a great place to stay!

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