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Summer Doldrums

Well August is here. Fishing was limited for me in July due to prior engagements. I have gotten back in the swing as of the past two weeks. the lake seems to have changed over those two weeks. There is a ton of bait all over the place, I cant remember seeing this much activity in the past couple of years. What I'm seeing is a lot of chasing from bass on shallow flats. I've seen Crappie caught anywhere from 4-20' of water in brush piles with no apparent pattern. I've caught them spider rigging and long lining jigs. Bass I am catching on jigs, chatter baits, swim jigs, and wacky rigs. Most fish are roaming chasing bait, however I would never pass up any form of structure. No matter how small it is. I haven't heard any reports on white bass. I have also noticed a lot of schooling action on the main lake points, we have boated a few really nice smallmouth the past two weeks. Bluegill seem to be bedding again in 2' of water or less around stake beds. I have visually seen new beds and also scanned a few. At first I thought they may be old beds but after further inspection they seem to be fresh. I fully expect the bites to pick up as we slip into the fall and the weather and water continue to cool.

Crappie: I haven't really found a consistent pattern. I know you have to be moving. Trolling minnow rigs at .5-.6 mph seems to be most effective. I have caught fish from 4'-20'

Bluegill: Bluegill are being caught around shallow cover. Bluegill bugs and red worms seem to be most productive.

Bass: Smallmouth can be caught on points and main lake banks around mayfly hatches. Bait is the key in both species, find the bait, find the bass. Largemouth are being taken on shallow flats and ditches on cover and chasing bait on the flats. Swim Jigs, wacky rigged worms, chatterbaits seem to be most effective.

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