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Some Days Hot Some days Not

This past few days has been an interesting few days of fishing. I have seen bites be super good and super slow. The bass are definitely out on the ledges, although I would imagine a few can still be caught shallow. I had two decent days of bass fishing and one pretty slow day.. I still wouldn't say it was great, however I believe it will pick up this week. I have also seen the bluegill bite come and go this week. there was some improvement early in the week. The latter part of the week seemed to slow down exponentially with it all together dying by Sunday. I'm hoping to see another round come the end of the month, the next full moon. On the bright side the crappie bite has improved and I have found a lot of keeper and even some really nice fish this week. Trolling cranks and spider rigging over brush piles and sake beds are the most effective.

Bass: Look for more fish showing up on the main lake. Big worms, big jigs, crankbaits, swimbaits are some of the most effective lures. Look for where the creek mouths empty into the main channel or a large flat.

Bluegill: I look for another round of bedding, (if my instincts are correct). If not they will make their way to deeper areas in brush. The mayflies should start hatching out soon bringing a lot of fish into the hatches.

Crappie: The crappie bite has improved much over the past week. I have caught good numbers pulling crankbaits in the creeks and across ledges and humps close to the main river. I have also had reports of good numbers being caught in stake beds in 12-24' of water. I was glad to see some better quality fish in the past couple of days. Some of our fish recently have looked very poor. Seems we are transitioning to a summer pattern.

In the coming weeks I hope to see the lake stabilize and patterns get back to normal.

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