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5/9 Fishing Report

This week was an interesting week on the lakes. Seems like it has come alive and the bite that we have all been waiting for has finally showed up! Crappie and red ear bite has gotten really hot, what we are missing is the good bass bite. Seems bass fishing is in kind of a funk. I look for it to improve over the next couple of weeks as we get into a post spawn rhythm. Catfish are also on the bite, seems that with the late spring weather everything is happening very fast.

Crappie: This week I have caught Crappie from 8'-24' on structure. The better fish coming from the 16' range. I caught many unspawned females that looked healthier than what we have seen in weeks past. We used a few different techniques to catch fish. Vertical jigging, spider rigging and long line trolling. I have also heard reports of people catching fish trolling crankbaits. So whatever technique suits your fishing style, you ought to be able to catch fish. we had a total of 73 crappie caught in three days with just a few throwbacks.

Bluegill/Red Ear: I have not been able to get out personally and fish for any however I have heard a lot of reports. People have been catching good size bluegill and red ear around pea gravel in 6-12' of water. Mostly on bobber or a small drop shot with red worms and bluegill bugs. Slow is the key for these spooky biters.

Bass: With the Elite Series being here last week its no secret how fish were being caught. Flipping shallow cover and fishing pea gravel points seems to be the key. Shad imitations baits for the points and creature baits, spinner baits, bladed jigs, and topwater are all productive for the shallow bite. I look for the offshore fishing to heat up in another week or so, and have already seen some very small schools start showing up. This is my favorite time of year for bass fishing as the offshore bite starts to show up and the bass congregate in large schools!

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