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Fall Fishing Fun

Water Temp: 66-70

Crappie: Crappie fishing has gotten a little tougher due to the unstable weather conditions. fish can be found rom 2-22' and the name of the came is find the active school. I have had better luck with straight minnows, while I have heard reports of jigs producing too. Find a good piece of structure and fish it. don't stay too long on one piece of structure, move until you find a good active group.

Bass: Bass are still scattered and not much schooling activity is going on. Shallow flats, rock transitions, and shell beds and the like have been productive. Carolina rigs, shakey heads, have been most productive. The alabama rig bite is starting to pick up. I look for more schooling to start showing as the water cools.

Stripes: You can catch all the yellows stripes you have minnows for. They can be found in 12-30' of water in brush. whites can be caught on the main river channels and creek mouths in 11-25' of water. Jigging spoons, little georges, and rooster tails, are the best producers.

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